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    Customer service

    Dear users, Hello! Welcome to order the products of Ningbo Instrument Motor Factory, we will supply you with preferential price, quality products and perfect service.

    Please pay attention to the following points when ordering:

    1. When ordering, please specify the model, specification, quantity, packaging requirements and details of the consignee, address, contact number and billing information of the unit.

    2. If the user has special requirements, please consult with our technology, and after signing the agreement, further order the production.

    3. The product pictures and technical parameters on the website are only for reference when the user orders. When ordering, you need to provide detailed and detailed technical parameters and confirmation according to your actual situation.

    4. We adopt the principle of payment to delivery. If the long-term cooperation of the old customers can be based on the annual output, the freight can be reduced according to a certain proportion, and the freight will be borne by us (general freight) such as air transportation.

    Shipping Instructions

    1. The delivery time on Sunday and legal holidays will be postponed in order. If you need to ship on holidays, please specify in the order note.

    2. If the area where the cargo vehicle fails to pass and the delivery point, or the area where the cargo vehicle cannot be parked, please select the address of the city delivery point.

    3. If there is an inventory product, the goods will be delivered in the afternoon or the next day; if there is no inventory product, the delivery time will be fixed according to the specific product production cycle, the conventional product is three to four days, and the special product negotiates the delivery date with the user.

    After sales service

    1. We are responsible for the quality of the products we produce and sell. The new products are unconditionally exchanged and repaired within one year due to the quality of the products themselves.

    2. Our company strictly follows the quality management system of ISO9001:2015, organizes the procurement of raw materials, testing, production process control, sales service, all products pass the quality testing and testing, users can use with confidence.

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